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Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 25, 2017

If we were given a choice between happiness and sorrow, we would want happiness, the problem is, we cannot know the future, so often times, our decision for happiness is dependent upon things we cannot control.  As a result, the fear of the unknown can have a serious impact on our lives and if we are not careful, we can let this fear take control of our lives to the degree that we can feel paralyzed toward inaction, choosing to not make any decision for fear of making the wrong decision.  
The readings as proclaimed at every Mass, are the inspired word of God, as such they represent the mind of God, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the call to live the truth of Jesus Christ as revealed to us in faith and in scripture.  This being the case, the readings at Mass are not just for our entertainment, they are there for our sanctification, for our inspiration toward a holiness of life that the world cannot provide and combined with a desire to encounter God in our lives, they provide an opportunity to come to a greater knowledge of how the Word of God applies to our daily lives.  
To make the most of this, it is important to approach the proclamation of the readings at Mass from the perspective that if the the Word is important enough to proclaim, then it is important enough to hear, meaning that we should be attentive when it is proclaimed and arrive in such a time that we hear all of the readings as they are proclaimed.  Then, with the seed of God’s Word planted in our hearts, combined with the power of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist, we are given the strength of the knowledge of God to go forward into the world and give proper witness to our faith in Jesus Christ.  
As a result we do not need to fear the unknown perils of the world that can take our mortal life, for the Lord will protect and defend us, unto life everlasting.  Instead, bringing together the power of God in the word proclaimed  and uniting it in our lives with the power of the Eucharist, we can then go into the world to be the evangelists we are called to be in faith.  We are called to be Christ like in the world and to do this, we are first educated by His holy Word and then strengthened by His holy presence in the Eucharist.  
Jesus warns His disciples that they will face opposition, and we will too, but tells them and us as well, not to be afraid.  He asks us all to trust in God’s faithful care and attention for us.  If God cares for even the smallest creatures in nature and the smallest details of our lives, then God will certainly not abandon anyone who follows the way of Christ.  God will give us the strength and courage to defend our faith in Jesus as we seek to hear and understand His holy Word and as we receive the strength of God in the Most Holy Eucharist.  
In life and in faith we are given many choices.  Choices that will lead us to happiness or sorrow, choices that help us to grow in faith and choices that will give us the strength to be holy witnesses to Jesus in the world.  Even though we do not know the future, we can know in all certainty, that no matter what, armed with the knowledge of God as given to us in His holy Word and strengthened by His holy Presence in the Eucharist, when we choose Christ we are choosing a life of active holiness that when lived in faith, lets the world know we are in Christ and Christ is in us.