Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church
Sunday Bulletin


Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

August 18 , 2019

[Jesus] endured the cross, despising its shame, and has taken his seat at the right of the throne of God.

— Hebrews 12:2

Mass Intentions

Sat.      August    17        4:00 pm      Intentions of  Patrick Metivier by Don & Pat Metivier 
Sat.      August    17        6:00 pm     Pro Populo
Sun.     August   18         8:00 am      Intentions of  Ken Sample by Carol Sample     
Sun.     August   18       11:00 am      Pro Populo   
Mon.    August   19         7:00 am      Repose of the soul of  Albertien Thomas by Susan Getty
Tues.   August    20         7:00 am      Repose of the soul of  Edward James O'Donnell by Voe O'Donnell   
Wed.    August   21         7:00 am      Intentions of  Paige Butterfield by Mist Butterfield
Thurs  August    22         7:00 am      Intentions of  Delia Pisculli by Anonymous  

Fri.      August    23         7:00 am      Repose of the soul of  Ann Applegate by Chris Bowen                                  
Sat.      August    24         6:00 pm     Pro Populo 


First Reading — They took Jeremiah and threw him into the cistern (Jeremiah 38:4-6, 8-10).
Psalm — Lord, come to my aid! (Psalm 40).
Second Reading — Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith (Hebrews 12:1-4).
Gospel — I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing (Luke 12:49-53).


Monday:      Jgs 2:11-19; Ps 106:34-37, 39-40, 43ab, 44; Mt 19:16-22
Tuesday:      Jgs 6:11-24a; Ps 85:9, 11-14; Mt 19:23-30
Wednesday: Jgs 9:6-15; Ps 21:2-7; Mt 20:1-16
Thursday:    Jgs 11:29-39a; Ps 40:5, 7-10; Mt 22:1-14
Friday:         Ru 1:1, 3-6, 14b-16, 22; Ps 146:5-10; Mt 22:34-40
Saturday:     Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-13, 17-18; Jn 1:45-51
Sunday:        Is 66:18-21; Ps 117:1-2; Heb 12:5-7, 11-13; Lk 13:22-30


Sunday:        Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Monday:       St. John Eudes
Tuesday:       St. Bernard
Wednesday: St. Pius X
Thursday:    The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Friday:         St. Rose of Lima
Saturday:     St. Bartholomew                                                                                                                                                   


Our Sick/Reza Por Nuestros Enfermos

Andrew Dixon - The James Ellis Family – Randy Scott - Richard Gouin, Jr. - Lisa Marshall-Vargas - Dan Brown - Christie Sackett - Kayla Connolly - Christopher Anderson -Sandra Culp - Pat Olsen - Harry Brown - James Gamber-Julie Oldenburg Klekas - Jo Chastain- Mary Glennon - Sheila Merrill - Louis Lab – Mr & Mrs Herrera - Joseph Clubb- Doris Elliott - Jim McMullen- Gloria Llamas - Charlie Hardy - Janet Girardot - Patricia Giuffrida - The LeCavalier Family- Jimmy Elsworth- Robert Connelly- Evelyn Perez- De Ann Strang- Kylee Anderson- Kim Lihigh-Gorge Maldonado-Kathy Powell- Diana Laird- Terry Wilkenson-Margaret Workman- Abraham Workman- Margie Snow-Rex Becerra-Cindy Schlick-Carmelita Lustig- Paul Lustig- Alan LeCavalier-Brigit-Sullivan Salamon- Marie Neis-Jacob Gersick-Ignacio Patron- Brandon Browning- Paige Butterfield- Michael Myers-Mike Connelly-Coss Connolly- Kalea Ramos- Cap Aubrey Sr.- Briley Patterson- Stu Butterfield-Amailia Henson- Lupe Santana-Sandy McWhithy- Dorothy James-Shawn Johnson-Juanita Trudel-Bryan Winzenread- Ron Scira- Jinny Milligan - Diane Nicholson-Jessica Van Stokkum- Julian Bedoya-Barbra Bregoff- Erika Owens-Jim Ellis- Lino Pichardo-Grayden & June Wilkins- Ron Napoles-Fr. James Ries- Duane Blume- Ron Achten- Carol Nolan- Carol Horan- Ana Martha Garcia-Sharon Morgan-Alma Leon- Kevin Rivas

Second Collections-August

                                                                                                                   18th – Cathedral Maintenance
                                                                                                             25th – Mission Appeal

 WITNESS TO LIFE has created
 Angel's Nook

 A cupboard full of new and gently used
baby clothing to provide for those in need.
 Call Pat at (760) 872-3016 or
 Carole at (760) 872-2731 for assistance.

 Angel's Nook
Un armario lleno de nuevo y suavemente utilizado
ropa de bebé para los necesitados.
 Llame a Pat al (760) 872-3016 o
Carole al (760) 872-2731 para asistencia.

Collection Envelopes

The OLPH office is getting ready to order the collection envelopes for 2020. Please fill in the form below to let the office know of any change of address in the past year and if you would like envelopes or not. You may drop the form in the collection basket or at the OLPH office. Thank you!



                                                                                    Address:___________________________________ ___________________________________________


Wants Envelopes YESNO


In this gospel, Jesus is shocking! Jesus has a fire for accomplishing his mission and is single-minded in doing so. His very message is divisive because it calls others to a radical way of living—self-giving for the good of others. We must make a choice to follow him, to choose to speak God’s word and preach the values consistent with God’s reign. Divisions occur simply by being faithful to God’s message. This is the real shock value of the gospel: being a faithful disciple of Jesus will instigate a clash of values, of principles, of priorities. This choice can result in divisions, even within families, because all us do not make the same choice to follow Jesus.


En este Evangelio, ¡Jesús habla de manera espantosa! Jesús lleva fuego para lograr su misión y está aferrado a hacerla. Su verdadero mensaje es divisivo porque llama a otros a una vida radical - dándose de sí mismo para el bien de otros. Tenemos que elegir a seguirlo a Él, escoger a hablar las palabras de Dios y predicar los valores consistentes al reino de Dios. Divisiones ocurren simplemente siendo fieles al mensaje de Dios. Este es el real valor espantoso del Evangelio: siendo un fiel discípulo de Jesús excitará un choque de valores, de principios, de prioridades. Escoger esto puede resultar en divisiones, aun entre familias, porque no todos hacemos la decisión de seguir a Jesús.

Vincentian Meditation: 

“On the journey of life, we must make choice. Our instincts, our selfishess, our pride will Often suggest to us to follow them. It is an easier road. But Christ, His Church and our consciences suggest another way. To follow that road, we must say no to our natural instincts. It may be difficult and demand much effort, but that effort will bring with it a peace and contentment that money will not buy.”

Meditación Vicentina:

“En la jornada de la vida, tenemos que escoger. Nuestros instintos, nuestro egoísmo, nuestro orgullo, a menudo nos sugieren a seguirlos. Es un camino más fácil. Pero Cristo, Su Iglesia y nuestras consciencias sugieren otro camino. Para seguir ese camino, tenemos que decir no a nuestros instintos naturales. Quizás sea difícil y exige más esfuerzo, pero ese esfuerzo traerá consigo una paz y satisfacción que el dinero no comprará.”

                                  Immaculate Heart Of The Eastern Sierra, SVDP

The Immaculate Heart Of The Eastern Sierra, Society of St. Vincent de Paul
next meeting will be on Sunday, August 18th, 2019 at 1:00 pm at Parish Library. 
"For information on the Immaculate Heart of the Eastern Sierra Conference of the Saint Vincent de Paul Society
please checkout our web address: 

St. Vincent De Paul wrote,” To be involved
in the service of Jesus, is a sacred trust to
which we have been invited”.

For Assistance Call St. Vincent De Paul: 760-920-1605

CCD 2019-2020 Registration is open

First CCD Classes will be Tuesday September 3, Wednesday September 4, and Sunday September 8,

Registration through August 30, 2019
All students must register before entering any class.

Please pick up registration packets at the Parish office from 9am to 3pm Monday – Friday


We Need CCD Volunteers

CCD classes begin in September! We need volunteers to help us in our First Communion classes. Help teachers conduct their class, learn prayers in Spanish & English. Will you have CCD students in your family? Classes are just one hour once a week. Assistance is always nearby. Call the Office 760-872-7231 weekdays from 9 to 3.

CCD 2019-2020 La inscripción está abierta

Las primeras clases de CCD serán el Martes 3 de Septiembre, el Miércoles 4 de Septiembre y el Domingo 8 de Septiembre.

La inscripción se realizará hasta el 30 de Agosto de 2019.

Todos los estudiantes deben registrarse antes de ingresar a cualquier clase. Por favor recoja los paquetes de inscripción en la oficina de la parroquia de 9am a 3pm de Lunes a Viernes.


Necesitamos Voluntarios de CCD

Las clases de CCD comienzan en septiembre! Necesitamos voluntarios para ayudarnos en nuestras clases de Primera Comunión. Ayuda a los maestros a conducir su clase, aprende oraciones en español e inglés. ¿Tendrás estudiantes de CCD en tu familia? Las clases son solo una hora una vez a la semana. La asistencia siempre está cerca. Llame a la oficina 760-872-7231 de lunes a viernes de 9 a 3.

SVDP Fund Raiser

Saint Vincent de Paul is having a fund raiser after the 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Mass at the church on August 18, 2019.
There will be COFFEE and DOUGHNUTS, along with some home baked treats.
Donations will be accepted. All proceeds will assist the poor of our community here in the Eastern Sierra.
Come support the Saint Vincent de Paul Society.


For people interested in our Catholic Faith or wanting to complete their sacraments,
our 2019-2020 RCIA weekly class session will begin Wednesday, September 4th at 7:00 pm. Enrollments occur during this first class.
Any questions? Simply call or visit our parish office during weekday office hours.


New CCD Class Times

Due to all of  Bishop Elementary students being dismissed at the same time,
we have changed our times for CCD classes. They are as followed:

Tuesday Classes

1st Grade                2:55pm to 4:00pm

2nd Grade               2:55pm to 4:00pm

3rd Grade                2:55pm to 4:00pm

Tuesday Older First Communion Classes

4th&5th Grade         2:55pm to 4:00pm

6th Grade and up    3:30pm to 4:30pm

Wedesday Classes

4th Grade                 2:55pm to 4:00pm

       5th Grade                 2:55pm to 4:00pm        

6th  Grade                 3:30pm to 4:30pm

7th& 8th Grade         3:30pm to 4:30pm

Sunday Classes

9th & 10th  Grade      6:00pm to 7:00pm

11th Grade                 6:00pm to 7:00pm


Teacher's Meeting

We will be having a teacher's meeting on Wednesday, August 21, 2019
at 6:00pm in the Parish Library.
If you have any questions you can contact the office at 760-872-7231.

See you there...☻

Have a blessed week