Safe Environment Training

Mandated Reporting


This Questionnaire was created as a companion to the KidSafety of America Mandated Reporting Video Training by

the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno.

Its intended use is to confirm participation and assess comprehension.


The questionnaire may be completed during the viewing of the three volume video presentation or immediately

following and then handed in to the parish

Safe Environment Coordinator.  


The Safe Environment Coordinator will report your completion of the Video Training by sending a copy of your completed Questionnaire and a copy of your signed Code of Conduct to:


Diocese of Fresno

Safe Environment Office

P.O. Box 1306

Hanford  CA  93232-1306


Trainee Information – Please Print


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Safe Environment Training

Mandated Reporting


Volume I: Advocacy



Why do you think it is important to report suspected child abuse?






Who are mandated reporters?






Are you a mandated reporter?







Is it necessary to report a suspicion of abuse or must we be certain that abuse has occurred?






How might you be able to “show empathy” to a child who discloses abuse?



It is important to be truthful with a child who discloses abuse regarding the need to report.  When might it be better not to let the child know you are reporting?






The goal of reporting is to primarily


a.     intervene on behalf of the child

b.     make an accusation that someone is an abuser.






What are some of the signs/behaviors that may indicate possible abuse?






Why is it important to pay attention to our instincts (i.e. gut feelings)?






Is it okay to ask a child how they received an injury, if something is bothering them, etc.?






Whose role is it to perform an investigation?



Volume II:     Process



Has abuse been connected to criminal behavior later in life?




Which of the following would be a mandated reporter?


__ Doctors                    __ Nurses                               __ Teachers

__ Therapists               __ Counselors                       __ Social Workers

__ Daycare Provider    __ Teacher’s Aide                 __ Home Visitor

__ Fireman                             __ Law Enforcement             __ All of the Above

__ Professional Photo          __ Anyone in a   

     Processor                     “position of trust”



How soon do you make the phone report?




The video incorrectly states that the written report must be postmarked within 72 hours of the phone report.  THIS IS INCORRECT.


The written report must be postmarked no more than 32 HOUR after the phone report is made.  Please make note of this.




Give three examples in each of the four categories that would be a reportable sign of abuse.


Physical                   Emotional                      Sexual                 Neglect





If you think the child may be in immediate danger, who do you call?








Can you remain anonymous when you make a report of suspected child abuse?







If you consult with someone, does this release you of the responsibility to report?







Should a suspected abuser’s reputation, profession or affiliations be taken into consideration and influence your decision to report?







What is the Child Welfare Agency’s overall goal?







Volume III:    Aftermath





Reporter will face reprisals from angry parents if they report.


          Is this fear founded?


          Will parents be notified that you are the one that filed the report?





Reporters will face lawsuits or lengthy legal battles if they report.


Are mandated reporters who report “in good faith” protected from legal ramifications?





Reporting will not have a meaningful impact on the child.  The system is ineffective.


Reporters are not always informed of how the agency responded.  Why is this?





Reporting will have a harmful effect on children.  The system separates children from their families causing more harm than the abuse or neglect inflicted by the caregiver.


What is the primary goal of Child Welfare Agencies in regards to families?




Factor in the influences of religion, culture and lifestyle to determine abuse.


          Are you to allow these factors to influence your decision to report?


Should these factors be taken into consideration by the agencies in regards to how they respond?





Children lie about abuse and reporters cannot be certain about what really happened.


Should a child who in known to make up stories be taken seriously if they disclose abuse?





Reporting child abuse is sometimes experienced as a betrayal of children who believe they made the disclosures in confidence.


          Are you obliged to keep a disclosure of abuse confidential?




I’ll let somebody else in the department handle this; I don’t have time, the authority or training to make a report.


          Will informing a supervisor release you of the responsibility to report?




It is not necessary to report if parents agree to go to counseling.


Why is a report necessary even when the parent seems to want to cooperate and seek counseling?