Ø     All employees and volunteers 18 years and older who will serve where they may be unsupervised around minors for any length of time must be fingerprint cleared.

Ø     Employees and volunteers who are required to be fingerprinted should not begin service until clearance is received. However, in the event of an urgent need, employees and volunteers who begin service prior to fingerprint clearance MUST be under direct-constant supervision by an adult who meets all Safe Environment requirements.

Ø     “Live Scan” Forms for fingerprinting are provided by the Human Resource Office and are obtained through the parish or school where service will be rendered.

Ø     Fingerprinting provides a background check and sequential reporting of arrests and convictions.

Ø     Once an employee/volunteer is fingerprint cleared, they do not need to be printed again, unless their Live Scan is withdrawn upon termination and they later return to active service.

Ø     The Fingerprint Technician in the Human Resources Office must be notified when an employee or volunteer who has been fingerprinted terminates.

Ø     A Social Security Number is not required for fingerprinting. However, some form of valid personal identification is required.

Ø     Post high school adults who continue to attend youth group functions must be fingerprint cleared unless the parish takes full responsibility for providing direct-constant supervision by an adult who meets all Safe Environment requirements.

Ø     Instruct the Employee/Volunteer to return the “Requesting Agency” of the Live Scan Form that will be filed in a confidential manner.



Note: Once Human Resources receives notification from the Department of Justice, the Pastor is notified with a letter. Annual reports are sent to Pastors with an up-to-date listing of eligible employees/volunteers. Updated reports are available to the Director of Religious Education anytime upon request.